Saturday, June 12, 2010


I'm down the street from the hotel in the internet cafe with the weak signal.
I'm eating potato wedges and drinking mineral water.
Pouring rain is cooling Vienna down.
The cafe is full of English speakers watching the England/USA World Cup match.
The strangers who speak my language are screaming, laughing, drinking, and doing the wave.
I'm Skype-texting with my sister in Minnesota.
I'm writing, "this is lonely and fantastic all at the same time."


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Coloraturaaah said...

I watched the game surrounded by Germans screaming at the TV and every once in a while trying to use an English word with their hilarious Hessen accents...ah, Fussball...watching the US Open or the Patriots just isn't the same anymore :)
Best of luck with everything new and yet to be discovered! :)