Thursday, July 29, 2010

Art and Thusnelda and Fritz and Alice

Well, Witte was the name for him, that's for sure. Smart. Smart like a, like that animal...
(sharp exhalation, gently irritated. Eyes close momentarily)
...that one. I didn't trust him. But they were "in love" (eyeroll, exaggerated hand dance), so what do you do? Thusnelda was my best friend.
(coffee taken, mouth delicately wiped. Blue knots under white paper.)
They thought she was going with Fritz, and that was fine with them. He was so good-looking, and smart, and he had a car. And he was sooo kind to take his little sister to the dances too! (sideways glance, sarcasm noted). Except I was his partner, of course. They didn't know... that we were picking up Art at the next farm!
(short laugh, slight wheezing, brush of my knee. Translucent teeth and angel hair.)
Her parents would have fired him On. The. Spot. They had big plans for Snelda because she was the only girl. They dressed for church like they were really something special.
(Laugh, wheeze, cough. Eyes close. Deep breath from a shrinking chest.)
And all that time Snelda was with a hired man! (pleasurable laugh, wheezing, this time a knee slap). It lasted until Fritz met Donna. She's in a home, you know. Anyway, he wouldn't drive Snelda after that, and one night they came home and her parents were waiting.
(dramatic pause, that young devil's smile up at me)
What were they thinking, locking her out of the house? They knew he had money since they were paying him to work, see? And so of course they left and got married. It was such a scandal! (gleeful grin, pause to sip coffee)
Can you tell me how to get on that Facebook?


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