Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Maggie Rose's Guide to Beginning Photography

You have to ask first. You say, "Oh please may I use the camera please? Thank you!" Don't say it loud because you should ask like a lady. I promise to be very very careful. If you drop the camera it's bad because it can break and then all the pictures will fall out.

I'm gonna take picture!
(careful aiming, pressing of button)
Gooooood picture!


Tell everybody, "Say tscheeeee I'm gonna take a picture!" If they don't listen you can say it again real loud.

                                                  Charlie is too little to take pictures.

The lake is really really good! I drived the boat all! Bahmah! Seff! (spreads hands wide)

Can you take my picture?



Elizabeth Baisley said...

Oh, my word - how absolutely magical and adorable!!

Lynn Shuck said...

I love her condiments photo!!

HeldenMommy said...

good GOD i just saw this! I LOVE IT! Aw mah girls. :)