Saturday, December 18, 2010

Gifts from the Internet

There are so many! And these few I offer to you this fine morning.

The Language of Yodeling
Hot girl and her friends exploring the erotic joys of the vocal break. So. Damn. Strange.  (PS, this is for you - remember driving down the coast listening to Bruckner...and yodeling?)

Sweet Seemly Sight
Never gets old. Also, it's really, really old.

Hamlet Gonashvili
Always remarkable to find out which artists have already come and gone without you even knowing about them. Thank you, Internet, for making it possible for us to hear this!


1 comment:

HeldenMommy said...

aaaaaaannndddd the Yodeling made my day. Of course, anything that glottal-tastic would... really....
;) xo X-ine