Friday, December 10, 2010

so close and yet so far

I followed through with an act I could not complete past the threat stage last summer: I deactivated my Facebook page. From one angle this looks completely mad, to disconnect from a huge group right at a point of enormous frustration. I need my friends right now (like there's ever a time when you don't need your friends). But I had the same instinct right when I was leaving Texas, and there's something right about it for me. Hard to explain. Maybe it's this: living in a world that isn't real to me yet, where I am such a stranger and so lacking in connection, I need something stronger. Facebook is so fun and casual and I have enjoyed it so much, but the calories are pretty empty. I think it might keep all of us from spending just a little more time and effort on the most important people in our lives...or maybe that's just me.

So if you're my friend and you read this, please follow me, or save this link, and tell my other friends about it. And call me, or write to me. I'll call or write back. I miss you.



HeldenMommy said...

Wow... well, lady - I know that no one knows what you need better than you do. And we're all here for you with any form of communication :) Git'er dun. xo HeldenMommy

JML said...

Du rockst, mit/ohne Angesichtsbuch.

Yoga Mom with a thing for fiber said...

That explains why I couldn't find you on FB today. I sent you an email. You're too important and too recently found to let a silly little thing like FB get in our way.

Anonymous said...

I love you regardless, though I miss not seeing your name/pic pop up on my feed randomly now and then. No matter... we'll connect when and where we can.


Jamie said...

I went to check in on you and couldn't find you! I understand, but will miss you on the old Gesichtbuch. :) See you on email, lady!